Monday, August 30, 2004

She's Started Walking!

Sorry for the silence: too many people with problems have been wanting to talk to me about them (that's my job).

Amelia is growing so beautifully. She 'crawl-gallops' and sometimes when we chase her she crawls quickly away then flops on to her tummy on the floor, arms spread out, head side-on on the ground as if in sleep or surrender!

She's also taken her first few faltering steps, and is very proud of herself.

She knows about 20-30 words now (dogs, plane, light, fan, 'children running', car/truck (vroom vroom!) birds, mum, dad, grandma, grandpa... And also, now 'No!' (especially when she wants to tear up paper, or pull my books out of shelves, or drops her food on the floor.)

Keep praying for the appointment with the neurologist at the children's hospital on September 6th.

BTW her mum - our daughter Amanda - is pregnant again, with 'Billy' (we actually don't know the gender but it rhymes with 'Millie'!!!)

God bless

Rowland Croucher

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Amelia went to the pediatrician yesterday. He said there's a bit of 'ridging', and referred her to 'Melbourne's best neurosurgeon' (a woman) - September 6th.

Had a lovely two hours with her yesterday. We went shopping then had a picnic at the Food Mall. Her favourite - Petit Miam: know what that is?. She also likes McDonald's french fries - but only two or three!

Tonight she had her triple antigen needles - three of them - in each arm and a leg. She didn't like it one bit!

Here's a nice weblog, put together by a friend, Christine Jones.

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