Thursday, June 02, 2005


Little people live in a high-risk world. One common problem is drawers and doors and little fingers.

We have the doors and drawers in the kitchen tied up so she can't open them (inconvenience for the rest of us) but we're teaching her to be careful. Every day there are new lessons about the log-fire (even though it is a closed heater - and with a protective cage-thing around it).

This morning she was in our bathroom, and she got her fingers caught in the cupboard door. Fortunately the door was light-weight, and it didn't hurt too much. But grandma and grandpa (me) and her mum had to kiss her fingers better before she settled!

She has many many words now, and can recognize quite a few letters of the alphabet (she's now 22 months).

The other day she came up to the lounge-chair where he mum was sitting and said 'Scuse me!' and clambered up next to her. (That's her mum's favorite expression when a little person invades her space!).

Sometimes when we tell her 'You're beautiful!' she points to her chest and says 'Gorgeous!'

And when we move from one place to another she has to say 'Bye bye' to lots of people/things - ducks, trees, the plane overhead, whatever comes into her mind...

And little sister Bella is growing into a beautiful happy baby - lots of smiles when she's happy, sleeps all night most nights, and very strong and wriggly when she's hungry!

They tire us out (we're going away for a week soon - can't wait) but we love them both dearly!


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