Friday, January 28, 2005


We had a lovely holiday by the beach, near Eden in S. NSW. Millie enjoyed herself - and particularly loved the beach. Whenever someone would say 'beach' her little face would contort into delighted earnestness: 'Beach!' 'Beach!' she would repeat, looking at each of us.

It was lovely to see her relate so naturally to other small children. Little ones know they're safe with other little ones, eh?

She came out with lots of new words - 'truck', 'boat' etc.

And she has developed some cute new tricks... Like: when her Dad comes back from surfing, and invites her to run into his arms, she swerves past him and runs into mine, with a very cheeky look on her face.

She and I went for a walk every day. She loved those walks. I would talk with her, teach her new words, listen with her to the sounds (especially the birds)... Sometimes she would wander next to me, but soon she would say 'Up!' 'Please' (which sounds more like 'peas!') I think this is because she loves our talking together and being close... At other times when we're in a group walking she loves to toddle along with us...

One day she got frustrated with her little doll-in-a-stroller, 'cos the wheels got stuck in the sandy soil. So she fixed that by tossing the baby out, and wheeling the stroller without the doll!

Well, we're back home. She loves playing with a soft green bouncing ball, but in running after it sometimes falls over. Two nights ago she hit her head on a table-corner and it left quite a serious, bleeding wound. Fortunately her other grandfather is a family doctor, and he came buy to tend to the wound (which he said should really have a stitch in it). We now cannot wash Millie's hair for six days!

She's now more 'clingy' with her mum. 'Mummyoh!' she now calls out when she wakes. She might know that soon she will have a little brother/sister (on about 14th February)...

So yes, at 17 1/2 months, little Millie is as gorgeous as ever!