Wednesday, October 26, 2005


We love having a little family downstairs (last night's walk to see the moon with two year old granddaughter Millie was a special part of the day...

Thich Nhat Hanh was with a friend who had a young family, and asked him how difficult family life was. Not giving a direct answer, the man noted that he used to divide his day into time spent with his son or daughter, time spent with his wife, and time for household tasks or work. Whatever was left over was 'his time'. But then he tried to think of the moments he spent with others as his time too, instead of wishing that he was doing something else. The surprising result, he discovered, was: 'I now have unlimited time for myself!'


Millie rarely has tantrums with us (we nip 'em in the bud quickly), but sometimes when she wants more of her mother she sets up a squealing show! (Isn't it interesting that a two-year-old doesn't know any shame over such antics :-)!


I came out late the other morning after sleeping-in, and Millie asked 'You awake grandpa?' Good question!


We've just complete an extension to our side verandah, with gates fitted. Millie and Bella will love it in the summer-time...


We're trying to teach Millie not to scare the birds (rainbow lorikeets, doves, crimson rosellas etc.) which come and feed on our back verandah... I think it's working (but wait until summer-time at the beach: will we let her chase seagulls? Probably!)


We're also trying to teach her not to empty the bag of toys all over the floor. She was scolded for this the other, ran to her room, put a dummy in her mouth, and flopped on to the bed. But she soon came out to help us clean it all up (though somewhat reluctantly).


Bella's asleep ('Shhhhh' says Millie of anything that's gone to sleep - the moon, the cars in the garage, the birds in the trees last night...) Bella's her usual adorable, smiling, uncomplicated self...



Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Millie's becoming more affectionate lately. Her love-language is probably not 'touch', and up until now she stays on one's knee for a short while only, before wanting to resume her play. But now she runs up to me with her arms in the air for a cuddle.

Sesame Street is helping her learn lots of numbers and letters: she goes to find the plastic version of each to play with while the show is on.

And when people are dancing she copies them: she's a 'natural'!

A new play area is being constructed at the side of our place - a nice sheltered balcony. A large tree from next door (our son's place) will come down soon to give that area more warmth and light.

I took her to the church play-group today (her mum and dad are sick with a gastric bug, which Millie had a few days ago; and Jan has a cold). We had a lovely time. I learned that up to 3 or 4 most children engage in either 'solitary' or 'parallel' play in groups: that explains quite a bit...

Bella is still her uncomplicated little self: lots of smiles and occasional giggles. When one of us goes in to pick her up she coyly turns her head to one side then the other. Very cute!

She'll be crawling soon.

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