Sunday, April 22, 2007


Millie the other day, after Grandma had a difficult time buckling her into her car-seat: 'Perfect! Mission complete!'

She also is very polite: 'Excuse me Grandpa!'

Some Millie-wisdom: 'God made everything and he made jelly!'

There was half a nice biscuit left (we limit the amount of sweet stuff she eats because too much sends her 'hyper'). Millie: 'See that biscuit: That has Amelia Jasmine Southwell's name on it!'

Bella is slowly developing, but not quickly enough (she's being taken to a developmental delay pediatrician this week). One of her favorite phrases 'Love you!'

Bella understands lots of things now, though her vocabularly is limited. When I said to her the other day 'Would you like to go for a walk?' she immediately put her hand into mine. We walked around the block, swapping her hands so her shoulders wouldn't get too tired, and we had a lovely time.

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Rowland Croucher