Sunday, June 27, 2004


It's Monday morning, and when she wakes I'll be taking her shopping. It's one of the most wonderful adventures she and I share together.

Have you noticed that mothers (mostly mothers) talk to their babies and children in public places and don't mind who hears? I used to think that was a funny (as in peculiar) thing to do. But as we go up and down the aisles of the supermarket, I hear myself talking to Amelia - sometimes in 'baby talk' - and don't mind who listens!

I tell her she's beautiful, rehearse what I have to buy, and give her safe things to hold - and which she can safely bite on with her two lower front teeth.

I'm away for a while, so will be in touch when I return in a couple of weeks. Feel free to leave a comment or greeting!

Rowland Croucher.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Every day our little one does something new. Today, she graduated from crawling to sitting (not just kneeling!

She's now asleep, all is quiet, but I must go to speak at a conference on mentoring (and will be interested to hear Tony Campolo again tomorrow at the same conference)


We're a bookish family, I have a library of several thousand books (which I'm gradually paring down and giving away - except for the theological books which Lindy has laid claim to). All our four children have post-graduate degrees and qualifications, and our two oldest grandchildren are currently in university. I've had about a dozen books published, and our eldest son Paul has also written a book - on the history of Buddhism in Australia.

Amelia, our fifth granddaughter, rarely gets cranky except when she's uncomfortable in terms of nappy (diaper) needing to be changed, hungry, thirsty or sleepy. The only time apart from all this is when we read a favorite story only once: she wants it again.

She loves stories (remember she's only 10 1/2 months). And essentially her stories are about the only important things in life - God, family, animals, birds, trees, flowers etc.

One of her favorites:

On the ground,
in the air -
I find blessings


Best-est friends
in three-way hugs,

butterflies -
blessings everywhere!

Silly shadows,
tickling breeze,

Forests filled
with Christmas trees!

Silent sunsets,
quiet, please -
blessings everywhere!

Camping out,
camping in -
Sometimes loving

Knowing God
forgives my sin -
blessings everywhere!

Skipping on a
winding path,
Bubbles in my
bubble bath!

Muddy puddles,
muddy me!
Blessings everywhere!

In the sky,
on the ground,
Little blessings
can be found.

Thank You, God,
for giving me
blessings everywhere!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Every day our little one makes an advance of some sort. Today she smiled (again) at a stranger who visited us. And she hands us things when we say 'Ta' (though she's loathe to release her precious 'Pinky' - a read fluffy bear!).

Today a couple of counselling sessions, a bit of reading, and writing (see below)*, a nice lunch with Jan, scored 245,000 MsPacman during a break, and told the two Usenet newsgroups I won't be around for a while.

* I've created a new blog for articles and reviews -

Have a good day!



Monday, June 21, 2004


Hi there!

Welcome to page one of what might become an interesting blog.

(Note: It's now 2007 and as we have two gorgeous little granddaughters, I wanted to include Bella, so I've changed the heading here... but you'll need to read a couple of dozen posts/articles before you get to Bella).

Amelia's asleep, and it's a quiet afternoon in the leafy suburb of Melbourne where we live.

She's ten and a half months old, and the light of my life.

Mind you, I love all five of our grandchildren, and all four children, but being 'notionally retired' I've had more time to bond with this little one than with any of the others. Which is a joy and a pity respectively. I've written on that subject in my book The Family (HarperCollins).

So who's Amelia's granddad apart from Amelia? Husband of Jan (very happily married for 44 (how do I make a half? - alt-plus-171 won't work!) years, father of Paul (poet and philosopher, husband of Kiong, father of Jay and Will), Karen (medical editor / marketer, wife of Ross, mother of Abbie and Coralie), Amanda (Amelia's mum, counsellor, ESL teacher, piano teacher; husband John is Amelia's dad) and Lindy (urban missionary)...

Now let's see what happens when I publish this (but first ctrl A C and V!)


Rowland Croucher