Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The little girls have a rabbit each... quite an education. One of them is frisky - and bits if he/she is fed up with being manhandled. So there's a beautiful mix of excitement, tears, and curiosity about them the last few days! (And our border collie Lockie of course is very interested, too.

Bella has been seen wandering around 'singing' into an improvised microphone. So cute. She's becoming more confident by the week.

This morning, Grandma asked: 'Would you like me to take you for a walk, Bella?' Bella: 'No, grandpa!' (Much to Jan's amusement). So I took her for a walk down by the creek, and as soon as we started, as usual she said 'e ow' (her way of saying 'big house'!). We pass a large house under construction, and talk about it each time...

Millie is very athletic, climbing up on everything (bit of a worry, with us living on the second floor of our home)...