Monday, September 12, 2005


Today Millie and I had a couple of beautiful hours together. I took her to Knox Shopping Centre, and we rented a yellow car for her to 'drive' (she chose the colour).

First she explored the children's playground, then we did some shopping, then she had a ride on 'Blinky Bill'...

For lunch she had a good meal of pasta, cheese, topped off with a Ribena (apple & blackcurrent) drink...

On the way home she listed all the special 'people' she would soon meet - 'Mummy-oh', 'Grandma', Lockie and Tear (the dogs)...

It was a beautiful time. And her new word is 'picnic'...



Thursday, September 08, 2005


I've been away speaking at back-to-back conferences for about six weeks, and I think Millie has missed me.

In fact she's been grieving for a couple of weeks now - especially over the attention we've had to give to her little sister-invader. For a while Millie expressed herself by occasionally attacking Bella, and we've had to strongly restrain her. It's tough disciplining someone who's been the centre of four grown-ups' attention for so long eh?

Millie seems to be over that now, and she readily goes to her little sister and gives her a hug and kiss. Phew!

It's Springtime and the days are getting warmer, and Millie points out the beautiful wattle trees to us.

Two days this week I took her for a walk by the creek - once with Bella. Millie spent about 15 minutes just dropping pebbles into a muddy pond and was fascinated by the ripples. Isn't it wonderful how little people can enjoy simple things which we adults take for granted? We have little routines when we walk: one of them is to look through a hole in a neighbour's fence at the small dog yapping at us. Another fascination is with her shadow... And most times we take some bread to feed two ducks which we let loose into the creek - Caramello and Cinnamon. These ducks are always in the same area of the creek, and have become a neighbourhood fascination. They're quite unlike any of the native varieties!

And then when she's tired, it's 'Grandpa carry me?'

Yesterday her cousin Will came to play with her for an hour. Millie loves Will, who draws pictures and sits on the floor looking at books with her. But when Will left Millie was upset - and as she sometimes does when feeling this way, ran to her upstairs bedroom and hid behind the curtain. Hard lessons for the little one!

She can communicate just about anything to us these days. 'Grandpa, I don't feel well' yesterday. Occasionally she looks up at one of us and says lovingly 'Hello Grandpa' or 'Hello Grandma' with heaps of love in her eyes.

Today while shopping I bought her favorite fruit - watermelon, and some 'Tiny Teddy' biscuits which she loves.


Bella is getting more and more beautiful, still smiling all the time, but these days shaking her head from side to side. Very cute! She's the least complicated baby we've had among our four children and six grandchildren. Today it was mild outside, so I sat with her for a while on the back verandah in the shade. I read, while she was in the rocker next to me playing with her soft toys.

She can now roll over easily, and doesn't mind doing 'push-ups' for a couple of minutes!

'Lord, may their respective guardian angels do a good job of protecting them please. Thank you. Amen.'

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