Monday, June 05, 2006


Last night we had a party to celebrate Grandma's 69th birthday. Millie's job was to poke 69 thin sparkler candles into the icing on the cake. She loved doing that. And of course she had to help blow out the candles.

Millie's favourite food is ice-cream with 'sprinkles' on it (we used to call them 'hundreds and thousands' or non-pareils).

Yesterday she had a conquest over some fear. In one of the Wiggles DVDs Captain Feathersword has an accident of some sort (I haven't seen it) and his face is all blackened. Millie didn't like that, but Grandma helped her to anticipate this scene and laugh... later she was drawing with her crayons. 'What's that, Millie' (asked Grandma pointing to a black smudge)? 'That's Captain Feathersword' she replied.

Millie doesn't like shouting preachers. After last Sunday night's service she said to her mum: 'He can stay up the front!'

Bella is not well today. She kept her mum up until 3 am, then her dad had to sleep on the floor near her. Millie was sick for a couple of days earlier too ('I'm not well grandpa!'). Bella has a new tooth: celebrations!

When Millie is embarrassed or fearful she runs to her upstairs bedroom and puts a dummy in her mouth. It happens when we ask her why Bella is suddenly crying, when she drops and breaks something etc.

One of her latest habits is to transfer all the toys within eyesight to one spot, 'for breakfast'. I came into the room recently when she was doing this and asked for a hug. 'No,' she said, 'I'm very busy!'

Last night her Aunt Lindy ('Diddy') slept overnight here, and when we told Millie that Diddy was sleeping in her upstairs bed, she was very thoughtful and silent. Sharing her special things is still a challenge for her! The night before 'Diddy' visited us and Millie asked for her to come and say 'Good-night' before she could settle down to sleep.

Millie is now talking freely on the phone: her vocabulary and speaking skills are amazing. (But Bella is a slow developer in this area... Millie had lots of words at this stage, but Bella still has none, only an occasional 'Da-da-da...').

But Bella has a beautiful little personality. She cuddles into us, especially when she's tired or unwell. Millie's often 'too busy' for long cuddles!


Rowland Croucher