Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Amelia is three this week (August 8th) - probably the first birthday celebrations she'll remember. We've been as a family to FoodStar (smorgasbord) where they brought out a cake for her with a sparkler on it - and the whole restaurant heard the 'Happy Birthday' music. She was given a dolls' house by us, her grandparents, and a 'jump-a-lene' by her Mum and Dad (and did those little girls enjoy jumping in it: Millie's a natural dancer). On Saturday there's a big party with her little friends.

She comes out with very interesting phrases and questions: 'Is that a baby in your tummy grandma?' (Jan's not too impressed :-) and this morning 'That's not your fault, that's my fault!'

She's almost perfectly toilet-trained now (great relief for all of us!) and is quite 'colourful' (literally) when she describers her 'poos'! Her favorite food - ice cream and sprinkles (but only after she's eaten her vegetables).

Millie is a great organizer - of things and people. And makes comparisons all the time ('Grandma, grandpa, dad, mum... you don't have dummies, but Millie has a dummy!' This response to our saying she's a big girl now and big people don't have dummies!)

BELLA has the most beautiful smile, and mainly gets cranky when she's thirsty. She's getting very cheeky, and assertive. Sometimes she deliberately 'baits' Millie and tries to take Millie's toys off her, knowing there'll be a ruckus!

Bella is being taken by her mum to a speech pathologist, as she has few sounds other than 'dadda' and a few others. But the report said 'There's a wide variation at this age in toddlers' speech and language development.' We're saying all sorts of words regularly to her: she now knows 'light' and 'kiss' and 'nose'.

She's also not walking, though she loves pulling herself onto her feet, stands for a moment or two, then lands forward on her knees. Does that many times throughout the day... I think she'll surprise us soon.

It's my (grandpa's) job if I'm around in the morning to go downstairs and bring the babies upstairs - a beautiful experience. They are very good girls - and were perfect when I had to mind them for two hours yesterday morning while their mum was sleeping and grandma was out at a Prison Network Ministries meeting.

We thank God for them every day and often through the day!

Rowland Croucher