Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Last Saturday the little family went to their church - Ringwood Salvation Army - for a Market Day (proceeds for Mainly Music, an outreach program which Amanda leads each week: terrific ministry).

Bella's Dad, John, was helping with barbecuing sausages, and had Bella in a carry-pack on his back. She eventually needed to run around, of course, so John let her down. Soon she approached the barbecue and was about to touch it, when John and another guy lunged and grabbed her - which of course gave her a terrible fright. She was only slightly burned.

We arrived home at the same time as John and Bella, and she went to Grandma and clung on to her for a full five minutes, very tightly. Poor little one!

This afternoon I came home from a few days away (in Sydney), and Millie's first question was 'Did you miss me?' 'Of course I did, Millie!'

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Millie's preoccupied with weddings and marriage lately.

I buy my wife Jan (Millie's grandma) flowers regularly - mostly lilies.

But in the heat they droop, and eventually die...

Grandma was talking to Millie about flowers - and other creatures - dying, and later the little one went to the sad flowers and said: 'When I marry Samuel he's going to give me different flowers, and they will never die.'

About marriage, she talks about a sheep marrying a dog, and various toys being married to each other...

Bella is also getting more gorgeous... She understands most of what we say to her, and her speech and motor movements are gradually improving, though she still suffers a developmental delay. She's very good with her glasses, and obviously enjoys the better vision they give her... I have a beautiful hour each week with Bella: we go shopping together when Millie's in Kinder-Gym. I'm hoping next year to spend a precious hour each week with Millie as well...