Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Amelia now knows lots of words - fan (and her wrist goes round and round), hands, nose, mouth, ears, head, feet, bananas ('nanas'), and of course 'Mummy' (her very favorite person), 'Daddy', 'Pa' (moi), 'Ma' (Jan), Lindy (she pronounces it 'Diddy' which Lindy loves!) and lots more...

She also knows lots of instructions: 'Put it back'; 'Take this to Mummy', 'Don't touch!'

She identifies lots of people from our family in photographs...

She's now a week and a half from being 16 months and loves a couple of special TV programs, particularly Bananas in Pyjamas, and Play School. We've bought her a cheap little CD player, and she wiggles to The Wiggles (she's so cute!). Her favorite song: 'Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, touch your nose' (etc.) and she does all the actions.

One of our special little treats together is feeding the two dogs. We do a 'Shweesh shweesh' sound together and they come below the back balcony. Milly drops dog biscuits down to them.

Her little 'sibling' is due on St Valentine's Day, February 2005, and one of her little games is to ask to see her mum's belly button: she then wants to see other people's, and displays her own!

She's healthy, happy and well - and very obedient. We thank God for her all the time!


Rowland Croucher