Monday, August 01, 2005


And she's developing a more independent will! She knows now how to get our attention - verbally, and occasionally with a tantrum.

We went for a walk the other day, but it was only half our longer route. She wanted to cross the road and walk by the creek, but we didn't have time. I told her we were going home but she stood fast on the footpath ready to cross the road. I had to ask her again, then go and hold her hand to resume our journey!

Another day I told her not to touch the powerpoint, but a little later after my back was turned she moved behind a nearby curtain touching it again!

The other day I kissed her grandma (wy wife Jan) and she asked 'Kiss for Millie?'

Last week she hit someone at Playgroup for the first time, and had to be disciplined. And she's beginning to act like 'Grandpa's special little girl.' A couple of days ago I sat in a chair near her mum who was reading Millie a story. Millie climbed down from her mother's lap, came over to me, and asked for some of my fruit juice - as if she has an equal right to it as I have! She does the same when I cut up a banana to put on my muesli: Millie now wants a few slices for herself! That's what little granddaughters have a right to eh?

A favorite conversation: 'Millie, what colour are grandma's eyes/Bella's eyes... etc.? To which she replies in a full sentence: 'Bella's got brown eyes...' etc. She's now up to five and six-word sentences.

For her birthday she was given a quite large kitchen setup (with pots that make a sizzling noise when put on to the hotplate!) and (plastic) crockery set from Toys'RUs... no doubt she'll play with this for years to come.

I'm traveling interstate for a series of conferences this month, and she looks mystified when I say good-bye to her and we tell her I'm going away on a plane.

BELLA. Many mornings I go downstairs to pick up Bella, to bring her up to her Grandma, and even when she's drowsy she'll manage a smile.We think both our little ones are teething - dribbling, fist in mouth, a little cranky, etc.

Bella can now turn herself over when we lie her on the floor: we have to be constantly vigilant. She can now lift her head when we put her into a rocker. I was walking with Bella recently and a friend asked to cradle her, and Bella smiled as usual. Then the neighbour pretended to drop her - let her go and caught her an inch down. It's a long time since I've seen someone do that to a baby, and I wonder about it... but Bella took it in good heart. She's a verysecure little person.

Two nights ago she had her first 'solid food' - farex mixed with formula. The little one didn't know what to do with it in her mouth, but some of it went down.

I was in Adelaide this past weekend and missed both of these beautiful little ones, but today I was 'on duty' with them and their mother while Jan visited the prison. A beautiful day...

Shalom! Rowland.