Saturday, January 07, 2006


Yesterday we came home from a couple of weeks away (at the most beautiful place in our home state Victoria - Mallacoota) to a wonderful welcome from the two little girls.

Bella can now move from a sitting to crawling position, and is quite mobile! She also has one tooth (upper gum, but neither of the front positions - don't know its name).

Millie gave us her squealing/running welcome-routine, and Bella had lots of smiles.

We'd phoned home from Mallacoota to talk to the two little ones. Bella was looking behind the phone to see where we were, and Millie did her jumping-for-joy jig, and actually talked in a small voice to us.

Two remembrances from the last couple of days before we left:

* Millie's grandma: 'Let's go downstairs now Millie!' to which Millie responded, but then instantly got engrossed with her building blocks. Twelve and a half minutes later (Jan timed it!) Millie said 'Wait for me!'

* The little girls on The Wiggles' Show started dancing and twirling their dresses. Millie: 'Where's my dress?'

Yesterday we joined the little family for lunch on the verandah, which was a beautiful experience.

Happy New Year everyone!

Rowland Croucher