Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It's the once-every-two-months breakfast my wife has with her 'girl-friends' (all Baptist women-pastors) so I get up early to mind the little ones. Millie and I watched Cinderella 2 and had a lovely time. Then her Mum took her to Kinder (where she cried again - happened a bit lately: perhaps she's wanting to hang out at home and be more unstructured).

Then Bella and I had breakfast together. After she'd eaten/drunk a bit she came over to my chair for a spontaneous cuddle. Nothing beats that experience!

Bella, her Mum says, has 'Global Developmental Delay'. Her motor movements are improving, but her speech still has some way to go. She says 'O' and we don't yet know whether she means 'off' or 'on'. We're all learning a bit of sign language to help clarify her requests.


Rowland Croucher

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