Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Millie has brought home her first 'school report'. She's five!!!

Her 'Kindergarten to Prep Transition Report' ranked her all C's (for Consistently; the others - D = Developing, NA = Not Apparent)


* Social Development: 'Millie has a quiet nature. She listens and participates well...'

* Emotional Development: Millie is quietly confident and relates well to both children and adults. She is very persistent and works hard to carefully complete tasks'

* Language/Communication Skills: 'Millie expresses herself in a clear manner initiating conversation with children and adults'

* Fine/Gross Motor Skills/Self Care: 'Millie has good fine/gross motor skills and enjoys these activities. Millie has a mature pencil grip and good control'

* Academic/Thinking Skills: 'Millie enjoys learning. She works well by herself, always completing tasks. She can write her own name'

* Child's Interests:
'Millie enjoys art/craft activities - drawing, painting, making things, dressing up, imaginative/dramatic play, cooking'

We are all very thankful to God and to these wonderful teachers/carers for their love and care for our beautiful grand-daughter!

Rowland Croucher