Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Millie has developed the habit in the last couple of weeks of coming upstairs to us when she is disciplined by her parents.

Today, Grandma (her usual comforter) was out, but she sat on my knee, and the conversation went something like this:

Grandpa: 'What's wrong, little one?'

Millie: 'Daddy brought some gifts home for Bella and me, and Bella took the clock with the fairy princess, and Daddy gave me clothes. But I don't want clothes!'

Grandpa: 'So you really wanted the clock, not the clothes?' (using my best counselling skills :-)!

Millie: 'Yes, and Bella took it and wouldn't give it to me.'

Grandpa: 'And what did you say to Daddy?'

Millie: 'I told him I didn't want the clothes.'

Grandpa: 'And how do you feel?'

Millie: 'I feel left out!'

Now... friends. Where would you take the conversation from there...?

[ See the notes of the seminar on How to Help Your Friend ].