Friday, February 04, 2005


Amelia will be 18 months old on the 8th February (just four days time); and six days after that - on Valentine's Day - her mum is due to have another little one.

Interesting question: Does Millie know? We've talked to her about the baby in mummy's tummy, and she's been a bit 'clingy' to her mum lately.

I took her with me - together with her uncle / our son Paul and Paul's youngest son Will (Millie loves cousin Will) - to the Vet for Will's kitten to get a booster something-or-other.

I sat with Millie in the car and we talked, and for the first time I can recall she looked serious after about 20 minutes and said 'Mummy'?

She's very clever (have I told you that :-)? She can now pick words she knows in our sentences. When she hears me coming up the passageway she runs and hides or plays with something, all excitedly.

Last night her dad washed her hair for the first time in six days: we hope the wound on her forehead has healed (the plaster is still there).

She's very beautiful!