Sunday, February 20, 2005


On Friday, while my wife (Rev. Jan Croucher) was conducting a funeral, I spent an hour and twenty minutes with our 18-month-old granddaughter.

Part of it was both of us lying next to each other on a lawn under a tree, talking about birds, and planes, and the sky and the clouds, and lots of other things...Special!

I had too little time to do that with our eldest two children...

Yesterday (Saturday) Amanda and John brought their new arrival (Bella) home. There were pink balloons in the trees and around the front of our place, and a large welcome sign on the front door.

But Millie found it hard: she had what is called (these days) a 'hissy' on and off yesterday.

Today she's settled a bit - I had another wonderful hour with her this afternoon. We'll have to give her at least the usual one-to-one time until she gets used to the idea that her mum is going to share her with another little one.

And Bella has been so good! She's asleep now in a cot in our bedroom.

Thanks for your prayers: we now have two special little people in our lives!