Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Amelia is 19 months, and can say three syllable words ('Toria' for her friend Victoria, at playgroup).

She is also testing the limits of grandparental authority. We have a fireplace (surrounded by a child-proof guard), but kindling-sticks are in a large black bin. She can reach into this bin and get some sticks out of it - dangerous if she pokes one into her eye, or hits baby Bella with it. So her grandma asked her to put it back. She went to the bin, and stood there, testing grandma's authority. This stage of a child's psychological development is cute isn't it!!!

Bella is beautiful, in her own way. She's feeding well, sleeping well most nights, and has just begun to smile at us. Jan has more to do with her than I do, so far, but I try to talk to her and touch her whenever there's an opportunity (and she's awake).

This all has to be done sensitively, as Amelia still resents this little invasion into her privileged world!