Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Today I leave for the U.S. to attend some conferences (and lead workshops at one of them). It will be the longest Millie and I will have been apart, and we will miss each other.

Right now she's having her weetbix for breakfast: which today she asked for. There are some beautiful little routines associated with breakfast. Jan sings 'Thank you for the world so sweet' and Millie sings 'Hum hum!' 'Thank you for the food we eat' and she sings 'Yum yum!' 'Thank you for the birds that sing!' 'Alingaling!' 'Thank you God for everything!' 'Amen'. And she looks coyly/shyly sideways at me!

She has something in each hand to play with while she eats. and she knows she can't have her precious grapes (just a few) until she's had her cereal.

Another routine happens when she's sad or frightened or hurt. She wants her 'Mummyoh' and three dummies for comfort - one for her mouth, and one in each hand! She needed them the other day when her head got stuck in the banisters above the steps from our place.

I'll take her in a few minutes for our little walk, and again as we turn for home she'll mention the main characters from her precious 'Bananas in Pyjamas', beginning with Morgan! She watches that TV show on the ABC each morning, and a couple of others - the ration is 30-40 minutes of TV a day.

She's so beautiful! I'll miss her. I just prayed that the Lord would tell her guardian angel to do a good job while I'm away!