Sunday, May 08, 2005


Millie has lots of words. I've now been back home from a 3 1/2 week trip to the U.S. and we've settled back into our little routines. (At first she was very serious in my arms - not used to my going away like that).

We went for our walk this morning - a beautiful autumn morning - and she said 'Bye Bye bunny' to one of her cuddly toys. She greets the dogs: 'Hello Tear. Hello Lockie!'

She now has a habit of repeating the last few syllables of everything we say. 'No moon!' (but the other day we could see the moon in daylight, and I said 'It's a small moon', to which she replied 'Baby moon!') 'Two birds!' 'No cat today...'

We greeted a neighbor, and when we'd finished talking I said we're going to watch Bananas in Pyjamas on TV, and Millie told her the characters - 'Nunu' (sp?) 'Morgan' 'Rat'...

This morning her grandma gave her a little basket to store some doggy-shapes in. She took them out, looked at the wicker basket, and said 'oval'! Someone's taught her the difference between 'round' and 'oval'. Did I say before that she can count to ten?

Bella's very much part of our lives now, and Millie's not so aggressive with her little sister. We try to give them each the same attention, so Millie knows she's loved too, even though there's this little occasionally squawking invader in her life who demands our attention.

But she's a contented little one, with lots of smiles if she's not tired or hungry. We are truly blessed having such gorgeous babies in our home.


Millie's and Bella's Granddad!