Thursday, April 14, 2005


I'm writing this from a public library in Chicago.

When I'm away I try to contact my wife Jan (Amelia's grandma - one of them, that is, the one I've been married to for 45 years) and get an update on the Little One!

She can't understand why I'm not around. I hear she was 'stroppy' for a couple of days after I left, and last night Jan tells me she was awake at 3 pm crying. We don't know if there's a connection with my absence, but there might well be. How's a little 20 months-er supposed to understand that her grandpa's gone missing?

I pray for her, and the rest of the family, every day.

And I can't wait to have her run into my arms again! This business of travel has lost its lustre, I'm afraid.

'Lord, may Millie's and Bella's guardian angels continue to do a very good job, please! Amen!'