Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today our two gorgeous girls and their parents returned after three weeks away. Bella stayed on Grandma's knee cuddling into her for a long time (well, half an hour or so), and Millie sat on mine for the same time. We talked about the beach, and their friends, and Napoleon the DVD (about a dog) they saw in the car as they travelled.

Millie and I went for a walk tonight to see a house that's been demolished nearby - demolished while they were away. When I told her about the 'house that was broken' she replied: 'I can fix it with sticky tape!' She's always positive!

Well, we went to see all the rubble and the pile of timber, and saw broken glass on the ground, and Millie was very thoughtful!


A few other vignettes:

* Two months ago after Grandma switched off The Sound of Music video, Millie said 'I'm sorry Grandma for making too much noise... It was all my fault!' (that's in the category... 'Where did she hear that?'

* Millie was taken to Beck's wedding (Beck boarded with us for a couple of years) and talked about the one-hour car trip. 'We went through a tunnel!' Someone asked 'Where was it?' 'Straight ahead!' she responded.

The Things They Say...

More soon (that's a promise)

Rowland Croucher