Saturday, January 27, 2007

Millie and Bella Love Entertaining Us

We joined the little family for dinner a while back, and Millie wasn't well. She had a small bucket with her, and was sick into it. Then she got up from her chair and showed each of us! She sometimes does that after she's been to the toilet too...

Yesterday we took the little girls for a walk to 'Millie's Bridge' - the new freeway being constructed, with a bridge over the creek alongside which we go walking regularly. Millie's looking forward to driving on the freeway to the beach with her Dad...

Millie loves talking on the phone. Most three-year-olds are shy with telephones, but not our loquacious little one!

Millie talks a lot about 'when I'm...' - 'When I'm five I'll go to school', 'When I'm a big girl I'll have vitamins too!' The other day: 'I'll have another birthday one day!'

Bella and Millie love 'Cruskits' - wheaty (airy) biscuits. They both love noodles/ spaghetti. Millie has weetbix and milk for breakfast: Bella prefers yoghurt and banana...

They both get 'hyped up' sometimes... hope they're not being too visually stimulated. We carefully monitor the amount of TV they watch (Disney Playhouse channel mostly).

Until next time

Rowland Croucher
(John Mark Ministries)