Thursday, May 17, 2007


Both Millie and Bella can come upstairs on their own to visit us. Millie comes to fetch something, and it's always a delight to welcome her! And she's very good at finding what her Mum sends her for. (And you should watch her proud demeanour - 'big girl now').

As I write, a little girl Millie's age has been abducted in Portugal. I got an email this morning re-routed from that little girl's uncle, asking the world for help.

You might have wondered why there are no pictures of our two princesses on this Blog... As the Americans say 'Go figure!'

This morning Millie has gone swimming with her Auntie Judy: Millie loves that fortnightly appointment. Bella is in the next room occupying Grandma's attention: she can be very demanding sometimes, and it's frustrating for her not to be able to communicate always what she wants. But she has half a dozen sign-language communications, and we're speaking to her in simple ways, emphasizing names of things rather than putting sentences into the form of more complex questions.

Have a good day: and you might like to visit a heap of new Blogs I'm setting up.


Rowland Croucher