Thursday, June 07, 2007


Yesterday Millie was playing with scissors and cut a swathe of hair from one side... reducing her mother, then Millie to tears. They came up to Grandma to figure out what to do... Go to the hairdressers? No. Grandma suggested a new hair style, which seems to work OK. But during the discussion, Millie went to the tissue box and got two: one for herself, and another for her Mum... and she went over and dabbed her Mum's eyes!

Bella is two-something, but has the developmental age of an 18-months-er. When on Tuesday I came downstairs to take her shopping, I only had to mention the two words 'Shopping Grandpa' and her face broke into the most beautiful smile we've ever seen. We had a wonderful hour together.

Did I mention that Millie saw our Australian Prime Minister on TV and asked 'Is that man God?' (Where did she get that idea from?
Millie and Bella look so cute helping their Mum hang up washing: they have their own little peg bags made by Grandma strapped around their waist, and their own little low-down clothes-hanger