Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Doesn't time fly? Bella turns 3 on St. Valentine's Day, so that's easy to remember. Her Grandma stayed up late finishing the little doll and crib (and a small box for spare doll's gear). She took a quick look at it, and went to play with her lego.

This morning Bella and Millie go with their grandma to 'Mainly Music' at their (Salvation Army) church: their mum is sick with a pain in her tummy (gall-bladder?), so both Jan and I are minding the kids quite a bit this week. (Their Dad is away all week on a school camp). This afternoon I take Millie to her swimming class: I'm looking forward to that.

Meanwhile, back to my sermon for our church next Sunday - on Nicodemus, as Heroic Risk-Taker for God.


Rowland Croucher