Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Bella is very bright. Sometimes we've only told her something once, and days later she's remembered. I sometimes take her on a walk by the creek. We look for ducks, and listen to the kookaburras. We turn a corner and leave the bush-track and the other day she said 'Bei How'. I couldn't work it out, until 50 metres further on she said it more plainly. It was 'Big House' - a new house being built: I'd used those words once or twice a week earlier. She's very bright, but still has a somewhat ungainly walk and has some difficulty with pronunciation. She's also practising her jumps, and is very proud of herself doing that!

Millie as every four-year-old does has picked up phrases here and there. When the little ones come to sleep upstairs, their grandmother sings a lullaby softly to them. The other night Millie was very tired and said 'I just want some peace and quiet Grandma'!!!'