Monday, June 21, 2004


Hi there!

Welcome to page one of what might become an interesting blog.

(Note: It's now 2007 and as we have two gorgeous little granddaughters, I wanted to include Bella, so I've changed the heading here... but you'll need to read a couple of dozen posts/articles before you get to Bella).

Amelia's asleep, and it's a quiet afternoon in the leafy suburb of Melbourne where we live.

She's ten and a half months old, and the light of my life.

Mind you, I love all five of our grandchildren, and all four children, but being 'notionally retired' I've had more time to bond with this little one than with any of the others. Which is a joy and a pity respectively. I've written on that subject in my book The Family (HarperCollins).

So who's Amelia's granddad apart from Amelia? Husband of Jan (very happily married for 44 (how do I make a half? - alt-plus-171 won't work!) years, father of Paul (poet and philosopher, husband of Kiong, father of Jay and Will), Karen (medical editor / marketer, wife of Ross, mother of Abbie and Coralie), Amanda (Amelia's mum, counsellor, ESL teacher, piano teacher; husband John is Amelia's dad) and Lindy (urban missionary)...

Now let's see what happens when I publish this (but first ctrl A C and V!)


Rowland Croucher