Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Today Amelia went for her checkup to the pediatrician. For a while the clinic sister and pediatrician have been monitoring Amelia's fontinelle, which they thought may be closing too quickly.

So today an upset mother (Amanda) heard the doctor suggest that Amelia have a precautionary x-ray. So between tears and prayers our little one now has to prepare to have this test. Please pray for her - and the parents, and doctors, and us.

Last night Amelia's grandparents took her out to the local mall for dinner. She enjoyed her yoghurt, and pieces of fish, and diluted fruit juice... And for the first time we gave her a lemon quarter to play with (we'd received it with our fish meal). Of course it went straight to her mouth (as just about everything does) and her facial expression was one of quizzicality (is that a word?).

But then she sucked it some more, squeezed it to make a nice mess, and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

I remember studying 'cafeteria feeding' experiments with small children in undergrad psychology, so we have always figured that until they learn bad eating habits, something like a lemon is OK if she wants it in small doses (and a source of vitamin C.)

God bless