Monday, July 19, 2004


She's brave, doesn't complain too much, but isn't smiling much.

She's off her food, and sleeps poorly. Amanda had to bring her to Jan at 3 am this morning, and today we three have spent most time with her just holding her.

I might have mentioned 'Pinky' her pink (!) bear. She loves that bear. When her mother brought her up to us after dinner to say goodnight, she cutely went for her 'Pinky' rather than come to one of us.

We've been on holidays to Lord Howe Island, and I have some notes from that trip which I might write up tomorrow if I get a chance.

Please pray that our little one will be well soon.


Here's her first book - and one of her favourites (given to her by her aunty Lindy):


Millie the monkey liked to joke,
and play tricks on the jungle folk.

As soon as Millie ate her meal
She threw away the banana peel!

Down it went into the traffic...
And Millie laughed at all the havoc!

(The book has a fluffy tail poking out of it which Amelia uses to tickle her face.

(We like to call her 'Millie' - or 'Millie Moo')