Friday, July 20, 2007


Millie's been talking about teeth.

'When I was little I had no teeth. My Mum has lots of teeth, and now I have lots of teeth.

Soon I'll start losing my teeth.'

Yesterday Grandma said to Millie (who was looking at a book while having breakfast): 'Now you don't get down (from the kitchen bench) until you've finished breakfast.' Millie apparently didn't want any more breakfast, so she dropped the book on the floor, and hopped down to get it. Grandma roused at her, so she put her head on her arms on the bench-top, morose and sad...

Bella can now recognize quite a few letters, and she can say more words. It's lovely to welcome her into my arms. This morning she snuggled into my shoulder, yawning...

Rowland Croucher