Thursday, August 16, 2007


It's been a while...

Out littlest one - Bella - and I are very close these days. She comes straight to me with her arms in the air to be picked up, and snuggles her head onto my shoulder. This is related to the special time we spend together - just the two of us - doing the weekly shopping on Tuesdays.

She's probably going to need glasses soon: a trip to the ophthalmologist this past week indicates she's short-sighted. Interesting how they work that out when a little one won't easily sit still for a proper examination!

Bella's not a social girl like Millie. At the Thursday music mornings conducted by Amanda (which Jan attends with the little ones), Bella clings to Jan most of the time - except that in the last two weeks she's 'jigged' a bit with the music.

She's very insistent that she share anything Millie's playing with: takes a lot of wisdom and patience to keep them both happy if there's only one desirable toy!

But she's advancing slowly: her verbal skills are behind average for her age: but just now she said four syllables ('Thank you Grandpa') - though not articulated clearly. And she's very good at putting pictures and numbers into their shape-slots...

Millie is becoming more independent. Sometimes she doesn't want to sleep upstairs or downstairs when arrangements have been made to do so. 'I don't want to!' is a favourite phrase these days!

Yesterday, twice, she said when asked to do something by Grandma, and later, her Mum: 'Not now! I'm far too busy!'

We love them both dearly, but they're tiring!