Thursday, October 18, 2007


Little Millie now 'takes charge'. If Jay (her cousin, who lives with us and is 15) wants a toasted ham and cheese sandwich Millie jumps up and gets the ingredients from the 'fridge for grandma.

She now has a habit of knocking on my study door when I'm working inside. Today, as usual, she came to my desk, climbed up on my knee, and we had this conversation:

Millie: what are you doing tomorrow?

Going swimming with Auntie Judy.

Do you like swimming or KinderGym better?


OK what's best - swimming, KinderGym, or your trampoline in the backyard?


Ah, hah, what about swimming, KinderGym, trampolining or playing with Sarah next door?

Oh (and her face lights up) playing with Sarah!

Sarah's about 8 or 9 and is teaching Millie how to skip; they draw with chalk on the pavement or road (it stays there until the next rain) and they play a lot of hide-and-seek. We have wonderful neighbours.

Hope it's not so long before I visit here again!


Rowland Croucher